Monday, September 7, 2015

Another Fun Week

Last week was a busy one for Grade 3

In English, we continued with persuasive writing. With the help of a graphic organizer the students learnt to organise their persuasive thoughts. They were introduced to different sentence starters to make their persuasive writing more meaningful.

Students worked on different number centers for Math lessons. The main objective for designing these centers was to help the students connect to real life problems.


Field Trips are hectic but they are fun !! Students enjoyed their trip to the Golconda Fort. It was relevant and students were able to make clear connection to what they had researched in the classroom during the same week.

With the help of the world map, students located various places which are famous for their monuments. Students also read different folklores, facts and anecdotes from the book called 'Heritage of Hyderabad' by Madhu Vottery. They shared the information with their peers.

In the Library lesson, students learned to identify fiction and non-fiction books, and explored the differences and similarities between them.

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