Friday, October 9, 2015

Focusing on Culture

Through the unit on Heritage, students explored their family structure and origin of their own culture to build a secure sense of cultural identity. Students spent a lot of time researching about the place they belong to and the history of the city. They brought a lot of artifacts into the classroom which symbolize their culture.
Islamic architecture was the main focus while the students were inquiring into symmetry and patterns. Mr. Talal, an architect, visited the class as a guest speaker. He spoke about buildings around the world with Islamic architecture, patterns and designs. He also spoke about the various materials used to build these structures. Students understood the influence of Muslim culture around the world and came up with ideas to preserve these structures. In Music, students created their own Qawwali and presented it for the Junior School assembly. Students were given an opportunity to come dressed in their traditional clothes for this special day. Nikhil Golathi, an author of a book called the ‘Shepard’s Hill’ which is based on the story of the Golconda Fort, came into the class to talk to the students about the story about the magnificent fort of Hyderabad. Overall, the AK strand ‘Culture’ was well woven into the unit of Heritage.

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