Wednesday, February 3, 2016

'Entrepreneurship Day' another great event

Entrepreneurship day at the junior school was a great success. The event was held on Thursday, 28th January 2016. COMMITMENT, ENTHUSIASM and CREATIVITY may seem like big words but these were some of the traits that I saw in my students in these past few weeks as we prepared for the BIG day. The 'young entrepreneurs' displayed their businesses such as selling popcorn, bookmarks, envelopes, lemonade, homemade chocolates, pens and stickers, a head and a shoulder massage, chocolate dip (marshmallows and jujube), pav bhaji  and a photo booth. We all were glad that all the stalls were sold out and made profit. Through this unit the students of grade 3 understood the basics of different business. They learnt the importance of teamwork and planning. Most importantly, this event ignited the entrepreneurial spirit in the students. However, the entire process was not simple. It required high level of planning.

SURVEY: It all started with a survey which was conducted by the students of grade 3 at the junior academy to find out the demand of different products which included goods and services. Once they collected the data, they represented the data using a bar graph. Interpretation of the data enabled the students to understand the demand of various products.

MONEY MONEY MONEY: In teams, students prepared a business plan and polished their presentations in order to get a business loan from Ms. Latha (Banker)

PROCURING RAW MATERIALS: After procuring the loan and finalizing the list of products students wanted to sell, it was time for some shopping. Few students along with few teachers visited the wholesale market to buy the raw materials to start production.

Quality check, packaging, advertising, promotion were few of the business elements which the students were introduced to.

I am glad that the students enjoyed the entire learning process and I am sure that this will be one unit my grade 3 students will never forget.

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